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How To Avoid A Bad Experience With Cannabis Edibles

As legalization spreads, infused edibles are becoming a popular entry point for new cannabis consumers.

Edibles are a discrete way to experiment with cannabis. But, they also present some real challenges for both new and experienced users. Dosing is notoriously tricky to get right. And the onset of the cannabis effects can take up to two hours (sometimes more, depending on the individual). As a result, it’s difficult to say with any certainty how much one should consume. Or how long one should wait before consuming more.

Don’t be a Dowd. Follow these tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable cannabis experience, instead of a hellish nightmare.

Know Your Tolerance For THC

This takes time and a bit of experimentation, but its’ worth it if you plan on using cannabis more than once. Start low and go slow. For most new users a 5 mg serving is the path to a good first experience. If you suspect that your tolerance may be very low, try half that. Kiva’s Petra mints are a great starting point. At 2.5 mg each, you can start very low and add to your dose as needed.

Be Mindful of How Much THC Is In The Product You’re About To Consume

In states where cannabis is legal and regulated, the dose is stated on the product package. This, by the way, is one of the big benefits of regulated cannabis. Labeling requirements allow cannabis consumers to make better choices about their consumption.

Pay particular attention to the serving size. For example, a chocolate bar may include several segments, each containing a 10 mg dose. You’re only supposed to eat one of those segments. If you eat the whole bar and you’ll likely be in for a very rough night.

Be very careful about eating unlabeled edibles. Never assume that a cookie or brownie is a single serving. There is no such thing as standardization in homemade cannabis edibles.

Write Down The Time of Consumption

I know, this sounds stupid, but once the THC hits your system, you likely won’t remember the time of consumption. The onset of your THC experience can take anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours — sometimes more depending on whether you’ve eaten recently. DO NOT consume more until you’re sure you’ve experienced the onset of what you’ve already eaten. Otherwise, you might find yourself up in a tree calling for help. If it hasn’t been at least 90 minutes, you’re not ready for a second helping.

Before You Consume: Have A Plan For The Rest of Your Day or Evening

The effects of edibles last much longer than smoked or vaped cannabis. If you’re consuming more than a microdose, be sure you have a plan for the next six hours (at least). Don’t put yourself in a position where you might be stuck somewhere uncomfortable.

And remember, ride services are your friend.

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