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Thoughts On Responsible Cannabis Consumption

By Kirk Biglione / March 13, 2018

Cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation. Whatever your stance on this issue, public opinion polls and political trend lines are clear; it’s unlikely the tide will turn back towards prohibition anytime soon. Legal cannabis is now part of life in America. Cannabis normalization will be a slow and awkward process. Not everyone got the memo […]

It’s Time To Talk About Responsible Cannabis Use

By Kirk Biglione / January 24, 2018

Throughout the long, sad, era of marihuana prohibition, there was no such thing as “responsible” cannabis use. All use was deemed irresponsible, illegal, and immoral. As we move into the post-prohibition era, it’s time to figure out what responsible cannabis use looks like. As a society, we need to have conversations we’ve been unable to […]