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Seniors and Cannabis

As legalization spread across the United States, more seniors are trying cannabis as an alternative to painkillers and other prescription drugs. Curious Green investigates the rise in senior cannabis use.

Hop vines

Cannabis Beer Round-Up: 3 Unique Approaches to Marijuana Infused Brewing

Beer and cannabis are a natural pairing. Botanically, the two plants are closely related. Meanwhile, both plants have survived misguided attempts at prohibition. While the hops plant was never actually outlawed, beer certainly was. Despite this natural affinity, the law stands between these two family members. For now, US federal drug laws prevent using cannabis […]

Ice Cream and Bufferin Won’t Solve the Opioid Crisis – It’s Time to De-Schedule Cannabis

Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, has a message for Americans suffering from chronic pain: Take two Bufferin and tough it out. Not to be outdone, Whitehouse Opioid Czar, Kellyanne Conway has a suggestion for young people hooked on highly addictive painkillers: Eat more ice cream and french fries. Neither of these ideas is a […]

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How To Avoid A Bad Experience With Cannabis Edibles

As legalization spreads, infused edibles are becoming a popular entry point for new cannabis consumers. Edibles are a discrete way to experiment with cannabis. But, they also present some real challenges for both new and experienced users. Dosing is notoriously tricky to get right. And the onset of the cannabis effects can take up to […]

Thoughts On Responsible Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation. Whatever your stance on this issue, public opinion polls and political trend lines are clear; it’s unlikely the tide will turn back towards prohibition anytime soon. Legal cannabis is now part of life in America. Cannabis normalization will be a slow and awkward process. Not everyone got the memo […]

It’s Time To Talk About Responsible Cannabis Use

Throughout the long, sad, era of marihuana prohibition, there was no such thing as “responsible” cannabis use. All use was deemed irresponsible, illegal, and immoral. As we move into the post-prohibition era, it’s time to figure out what responsible cannabis use looks like. As a society, we need to have conversations we’ve been unable to […]