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Meet the Prohibitionists’ Latest Bogeyman: Big Marijuana

With the battle against cannabis legalization all but lost, marijuana prohibitionists are setting their sights on a new enemy: Big Marijuana. A force they believe will be every bit as evil as Big Tobacco.

Groups like Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) have set out to demonize the new industry that is emerging around state-legal cannabis. They want you to know that Big Marijuana is about to unravel the fabric of our society.

SAM ringleader, Kevin Sabet, is the mastermind behind Big Prohibition. Sabet believes that Big Marijuana is plotting to get a massive segment of the population hooked on their highly addictive products.

Allegedly, cannabis companies will do this by suppressing research that contradicts their vision of a world where cannabis heals the sick and helps people live happier healthier lives.

Sabet hates the idea that cannabis is becoming legal. He abhors the idea that cannabis is becoming normalized. And he goes absolutely ballistic at the thought that someone is making money from cannabis.

Does Sabet really think that black market drug dealers are non-profit entities? As long as there are consumers for cannabis, someone will make money selling it. The seller might as well be one that creates jobs, pays taxes, and conforms to state regulations.

The problem with Sabet’s world-view is that cannabis is nearly the exact opposite of tobacco.

There’s no denying that Big Tobacco did some terrible things to our society. We’ve learned lessons from that past, and legal cannabis states are moving forward in a responsible manner by crafting policy that minimizes public harm and produces outcomes far better than prohibition ever did.

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